Natco Foods is an earthloving company that brings you a wonderful celebration in foods, ranging from spices and herbs to pulses, grains, nuts and seeds and an award winning purpose built processing hub in the heart of the English countryside as home to the Natco team.

An integral part of an International company spanning continents, Natco has 50 years experience in the forests, fields and farms selecting rain fed and sun kissed ingredients required for flavoursome and healthy meals.

We invite you to join us in our search for the whole foods of the world. Starship Natco’s guide on this journey is Mother Earth herself, keeper of the Seasons, who entices us to reconnect with the delicate tastes and infusions of the earth’s harvest and ensures we discover our individual zest for Natco natural foods. Our quest is to bring in, to the heart and soul of every kitchen, delicious freshness, startling colours, fragrant and pungent aromas and irresistible flavours helping you embrace Nature and well being to your inner self.

Nestled in the wildflower-filled meadows of Buckinghamshire, the Natco hub offers a veritable emporium of natural foods brought together from the Himalayas to Java from Guatemala to Alberta. We source, select, grade, clean, mill, blend and process our foods in 11 acres of rural England: a steam sterilizer for herbs and spices; a full range of packing options; enhanced logistics; warehousing and distribution underpinned by an impressive ERP system.

Modern hi-tech standards of quality and hygiene bring you wholesome divine tastes to enhance the enjoyment of every meal. Welcome to our World, come on in...

Downlaod Natco Brochure 2012

Inside Look

The Aylesbury Award in recognition of the world class construction from Aylesbury Vale District Council. This UK Government body applauded this significant contribution to the local environment through design and execution discipline 2007.