Curry for Change

What is Curry for Change?

Natco Foods is delighted to be able to support the Curry for Change campaign, which aims to raise awareness of families who suffer from hunger and raise money to help change their lives by cooking or enjoying a curry.

The campaign is led by the Find Your Feet, a charity that enables vulnerable rural families in Asia and Africa to grow enough food so they don't go hungry, to strengthen their voices so they can speak out against injustice and to earn enough money so they can find their feet. Natco is matching donations raised by the campaign this year - we hope you can get involved!

Why is changed needed?

One in eight people around the world will go to the bed hungry tonight.
Source: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations 2013.

The majority of these people, like the families Find Your Feet work with, live in very remotest areas of Asia and Africa, without the means or opportunity to speak out and change their situation for the better.

You can make double the difference

As the Curry for Change campaign partner, Natco will be matching every penny you raise, which means your support will make double the difference to the lives of families who suffer from hunger.

For more information about Find Your Feet, visit
Registered Charity Number: 250456

What can you do?

It’s really simple: cook a curry, try a new recipe with Natco ingredients and invite your friends and family around and ask them to donate what they might usually spend on a take away. By hosting your own Curry for Change evening you will be raising money to help change the lives of families who suffer from hunger.

Win an exclusive masterclass with a Top Chef!

Visit to sign up for a free event to receive recipes, tips, and a pack of Natco spices. Host your curry evening and you will be in for the changeto win!

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