Natco Foods is part of the Choithram group that has worldwide activities including supermarkets, manufacturing and distribution in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the US as well as the UK.

Here in the UK, Natco was established in 1961 in Mincing Lane, a nutmeg's throw from the old East Cheap Exchange, London when ships still sailed into the Thames and their cargoes were discharged from the berth side overlooked by the dome of St. Paul’s.

In the mid 1970s Natco Foods moved to Wembley purchasing the old art-deco Marconi Factory of radio and gunnery fame transforming it into a food manufacturing facility.

Significant expansion of its consumer base and its cherished determination to set new benchmarks in food quality, safety and hygiene led the company to set up home and build from blueprint, a matchless new facility in Buckingham, UK.

In addition, the company also operates Natco Cash and Carry in West London and is a member of the Today's Group.

Natco's parent runs schools and hospitals in India and West Africa taking its community service responsibility to heart.

Inside Look

Natco Foods Limited is part of a worldwide group, T.Choithram and Sons that started in 1944 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Natco Foods has its 50th anniversary this year. Worldwide network of associate offices and expertise is part of our commitment.