Rice old school


Aaah Rice, a grain of transcendence. Rice has been a life source for Millennia. Cultivated, sewn and harvested in the basins and tributaries the mighty Yangtze, Mekong, Indus, Brahmaputra, Ganga that are the cradles of civilizations.

Rice is a staple food for nearly half the world’s population. The exact origin of rice is unknown but archeological evidence shows that rice has been feeding humanity since 10,000 BC.

When our distant ancestors began farming cereal grains such as rice and maize, the course of humanity was changed forever. We moved away from our nomadic, hunter-gatherer existence and became settled farmers with enough food to support growing families.

In the old days, before time became money, food was the main preoccupation. The cultivation of crops like rice allowed our ancestors, for the first time in history, to have a little ‘me time’. With the help of rice, architecture, music, art and culture germinated, with a salute to the sun.

In recognition of the importance of rice, we source a wide variety of different kinds to suit our broad customer requirements. You can find fragrant Indian Basmati, both wholesome brown and delicate white; basmati kernal, sona masuri, long grain (american), easy cook parboiled, thai jasmine and broken basmati. 

So prepare some rice with your meal and enjoy a little ‘me time’.