Pappadoms and snacks

Pappadoms and snacks to share

If you’ve been to a restaurant serving food from the Sub-continent, the chances are you’ll have enjoyed starting the meal with flat crispy breads called pappadoms. In which case, you’ve probably already been introduced to Papa Pappadoms (maybe you’re already old friends). Served with Natco Mango Chutney and Lime Pickle, Papa Pappadoms are the restaurateur’s first choice.

At home you can choose from Natco’s Cumin (Jeera) pappadoms, Punjabi pepper pappadoms, or plain pappadoms that are ready to microwave and serve. Just like Papa Pappadoms, Natco Pappadoms are all hand-rolled in India.

As the original authentic inspiration for ‘Bombay or Punjabi Mix’, our BehlPuri and PaniPuri kits are ideal for sharing and perfect for parties. Eat as they are, or freshen with peas and diced tomato simply by following the instructions on the box. Appetites at the ready for this very fast food with a healthy twist.