Our Range

What’s cooking?

Natco Foods aims to provide a one-stop-shop service to all the Good Taste enthusiasts out there that love to cook with exotic herbs and spices while living healthy, whole-food lives.

Our range covers everyday store-cupboard essentials from lentils to tinned goods, to rice and flours, as well as the full array of herbs and spices that every cook needs to transform a meal from bland to brilliant.

We also offer condiments to complement any meal in the form of pickles, pastes, chutneys and sauces.

For those special occasions we specialise in indulgences such as Saffron and Rose syrup and the best nuts including cholesterol-free flavoured dry-roasted cashews.

Snacking foods are nearby, including the restaurant-favourite hand-rolled Papa Poppadoms and arm-chair handy daria – our tasty roasted chick pea snack.


New Exciting Products

We have recently launched some amazing new products to add to your well-stocked kitchen:

As well as our Premium Quality Coconut milk, we now have two other varieties for you - a lower fat content Coconut milk light, and a luxurious Coconut cream. Depending on what you are cooking or what your dietary requirements are, we now offer you all the options!

New exciting products - Natco Foods

Perfect for when you’re having visitors over, or while you are out and on the go, we have launched three delicious new varieties in our flavoured nuts range. We now have Roasted Cumin and Black Pepper Cashews, Balti Crunchy-coated Peanuts, AND a Roasted & Salted Peanut, Corn and Daria Snack Mix. Which one will be your favourite??