Heat and Eat

Heat and Eat prepared meals and tinned products, time to pause.

Life is a dance with time and for those fandango days, we have created a range of delicious pre-cooked meals. These timeless favourites are all cooked in India from authentic recipes and ingredients. Prepared with the same love and devotion that goes into all your home cooking, Natco’s miracle time-savers are ready to eat in minutes and will have you coming back for seconds (and thirds!).

Use one of Natco’s prepared vegetables such as chick peas, okra or lotus root to supplement a meal, or a ready to heat-and-eat meal like Dal Makhani or PalakPaneer as the main event. The range is tinned to last until those last-minute emergencies; students take note, now take a tin of home away from home. Natco tinned tomatoes, spinach, chick peas and Alphonso mango pulp (not to mention mango chutney, mango powder and mango pickle!) are some of our greatest hits.