Flour power


Professor Sally Sainsbury noted that the key to the development of civilization are milling and silos. Natco gives continuity to this with its wunderbar Baumeister Flour Mill that produces 100% pure gram flour i.e. besan and other pulse flours.

Every day we freshly mill market leading Natco Gram Flour here in Buckinghamshire to legendary standards of quality. Unlike other brands, Natco Gram Flour is made from 100% chana dal pure and simple. It is a tasty and versatile ingredient for many meals, gluten free and good for diabetics, making it perfect for family and friends.

Gram flour, also known as besan, is often confused with chick pea flour; they are a similar pea but the advantage of chana dal is its very low glycemic index. This makes it a super food for diabetics.

The glycemic index ranks foods on how they affect our blood sugar levels. This index measures how much your blood sugar increases in the two or three hours after eating.

The glycemic index is about foods high in carbohydrates. Foods high in fat or protein don't cause your blood sugar level to raise much. But the problem, many experts believe, is that people with diabetes should limit how much fat and protein they eat.

Chana dal has almost no effect on your blood glucose level. Technically, it has one of the lowest indexes of any food on the glycemic index, 8 (where glucose = 100)

Chana dal also has 3 times more fiber than normal chick peas.

Natco gram or besan flour is 100% chana dal and that is flour power.

Inspired by the success of Natco Gram flour we insist on the same standards of quality for the rest of our range of flours that include various types of chapatti flour, rice flour and semolina.