Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts and Dried Fruits Natco knows

"Wow!" is the word most people have used when trying our new flavoured nuts range. We have created unique blends that you won't find anywhere else and put them in vibrant packaging to match the exciting flavours. Try them and find out which flavour is your favourite!
We share a simple passion for nature’s hard-shelled fruits. Unlike many foods, nuts contain that winning combination of good taste and good health. It turns out that the health benefits of nuts are numerous. High levels of Omega-3 help to fight coronary heart disease and have a positive impact on cholesterol. Nuts are also packed full of brain food in the form of vitamins and minerals. To top it off nuts have a low G. I. (glycemic index) which means they release glucose slowly – a real help to people with certain types of diabetes. We love the delicious, soothing flavour of nuts and their nutritional composition means that they’re a guilt-free pleasure.
Dried fruits are another store cupboard necessity to add flavour to cooked meals and eaten separately, great for breakfast and snacks. Healthy and tasty, enjoy our selection.  
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