Natco Tamarind & Date Sauce


Natco Tamarind & Date Sauce is a tangy and spicy creation with a depth of flavour that works great when served with pappadoms, vada and pakoras. Natco Tamarind & Date Sauce is also the perfect counterpoint to any hot curry. Tamarind & Date Sauce cools the pallet so keep it nearby when experimenting with Natco Extra-Hot Chilli Powder!


In the days of the old spice routes, British sailors circumnavigating the Arabian Peninsula stumbled upon a bizarre looking seed pod hanging from costal trees in the lush waterways of Oman. The locals called the fruit secreted within ‘Tamar Hind’. In Arabic, ‘tamar’ is ‘date’ and ‘al Hind’ is ‘India’. Natco has taken these ‘Indian dates’ and combined them with their Arabian cousins to create a deliciously versatile pouring sauce.

All around the world from Oman to Thailand to Mexico people grow tamarind trees on their land for shade, nourishment, protection and even art. The tamarind fruit is a key ingredient in HP sauce and Lea and Perrins’ Worcester sauce as well as being used in cola drinks, teas and sweets. Early trials show it has the ability to boost the immune system and each year pharmaceuticals in the U.S. import 90,000 kg for use in medicine. The hard wood of the evergreen tamarind tree is dependable in construction and tool making, while it is said that silk from pampered silk worms fed exclusively on tamarind leaves makes the finest embroidery.

Dates, of Biblical fame, are among the earliest examples of agricultural cultivation with date stones dating back to 4500 BCE found in Egypt (read about another example of old school farming). These sweeties (up to 70% of a date is natural fruit sugar) provide the warm backdrop for the tart tamarind in Natco Tamarind and Date Sauce.