Ramadan with Islamic Relief


This Ramadan, Natco match-funded £56,250 for Islamic Relief's Sadaqah Jariyah - Water4Life Live Appeal! This meant that people's donations could make double the difference!

Islamic Relief's Water4Life project creates access to safe, clean drinking water in drought-prone areas of Somaliland. They drill hundreds of meters below the ground to reach the water and use pumps to carry the water to storage tanks. The tank can hold approximately 35,000 litres of water at a time and is usually filled twice a day. That’s 70,000 litres of clean, pure, safe drinking water a day!

The storage tank has a network of pipes that supplies water to water kiosks where families can come and fill their jerry cans with water. This means that women and children do not need to spend up to 7 hours a day walking to a contaminated water source. Children can spend time at school and not be at the risk of attack on their long journeys in search of water.

The bore-hole technology can last for 80 years, making this a long-term solution for communities.